(by Vasil Ilyov)

     Important communication axes in Macedonia

Many  important communication links pass through Macedonia.  These have left their influence on the development of many so-called cultures that date from the end of the Mesolithic and beginning of the Neolithic period  up till the present day.  The following stand out among the more important communication links: 

The Vardar Morava road is one of the basic natural links on the Balkan peninsula because it connects Macedonia with the interior of the Balkan and central Europe.The road through the town of Strumitsa and the valley of the Struma River enables relatively easy communication with the upper flow of the Morava River.The road along the valley of the river Bistritsa was of prominent importance to the local culture development of part of the Macedonian people.  It enabled specific variations of cultural development during various stages of Macedonian prehistory, especially in the Neolithic (crossing from the bronze age to the iron age).Another important road runs along the Drim river. A road of exclusive importance, known in during the Roman period as Via Egnatia, runs through Drach, Ohrid, Bitola, Voden, Pela, Solun, Kavala, Tcarigrad (Istanbul) and connects a large part of Macedonia with the Adriatic, Aegean and Mramara seas.  The road that connected the Pelagonia field with the Polog field enabled links with Kosovo, and also through the Idarian valley with the northern parts of the Balkan, and from there with central Europe.The road links from Skopje to Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka, and from Skopje via Ovche Pole were also particularly important because they enabled unhindered links with Thrace and other eastern regions on the Balkan and the Balkan Anadolian cultural complex.

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